About Me

Jun 24, 2012 8-00-32 PM

I was got struck by the electronics fever at the age of 8 when i burned my finger on a hot transistor. A 100 in 1 electronics exploration box pushed me onto the slippery slope of electronics technology. After graduating with a specialty in electronics I got on board at a Semiconductor manufacturing plant as a cleanroom technician. After a couple of successful automation projects the move to the design lab quickly followed. As a design support engineer the job was to first test and debug  prototype devices at the silicon level, often requiring the building of custom test equipment. After working for 10 years on both industrial and telecom devices, amongst which were the first ADSL and Bluetooth chipsets, i bid my old stomping ground farewell in 2005 and moved on to San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to work on advanced controller devices for hard disk drives. As a seasoned electronics engineer, I hold a range of patents and have had works published in multiple leading journals and convention papers such as Imeko, TSCC, The Journal of Computer Standards and Interfaces, EDN and of course Elektor. When not playing around with the latest integrated circuit or some other electronics component I can often be found on a tropical reef snapping pictures and shooting video of the underwater fauna and flora while scuba diving.

My current job is a Senior Staff Engineer tasked with the design of the development system for disk controllers. This system is a mixture of analog and digital circuitry including several processors and custom logic implemented in an FPGA. A software toolchain on the PC side allows to control the entire system over a USB port. 

But there is so much more to what i do and have done. You can listen to an interview i did on the Amphour radio Show.


Some of my Skills 

FPGA development - Verilog - Altera - Quartus - Modelsim - Veritak 
Embedded programming 8051 - ARM 7- ARM Cortex M3 M4 M0 - Assembly

Time critical microcode programming. BSD and HAL code as well as bootloaders. I specialise in the low-level stuff.
Testsoftware and application programming. GPIB IEEE488 control. 
Visual Basic, C#
PCB design and layout. Altium Designer / DXP / Protel. Certified Master Designer. 20 Years+ experience with Altium (since it was a DOS program).
Disk Drive Preamp technology, Disk Drive Spindle and Headstack Controller / Powercombo

Wafer and device probing, Lasercutting. Debug of silicon structures. 

Soldering skills : i can handle anything including BGA's.

Vincent Himpe's Publications

US patent 7,355,303 : constant current discharge device

Authors: Vincent HimpeCal Swanson

US patent 7,098,557 : constant current discharge device

Authors: Vincent HimpeCal Swanson

US patent 6,762,632 : Reset driver circuits and methods.

Authors: Vincent HimpeCal Swanson

US patent 8,032,693 : Serial in, Random out Memory

Authors: Vincent Himpe

US Patent 7,71474,6 : Method and apparatus for keyboard readout

Authors: Vincent Himpe

European patent EP1804159: serial in, random out memory

Authors: Vincent Himpe

ISBN 9053812482 : Programmeerbare logica, van 0 en 1 tot FPGA

Authors: Vincent Himpe

Discover digital logic and create your own design using Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA). Starting at zero and one this books takes you on a discovery journey across the sea of logic. Design of digital systems using basic building blocks such as gates and flipflops os explained in detail. The second half of the book switches from schematic design to the usage of synthesiss languages such as...more

ISBN 978-3-89576-254-3: Digitale Logik selbst entwickeln: Von 0 und 1 zum FPGA

Authors: Vincent Himpe

German translation of Van 0 en 1 tot FPGA.
Dieses Buch nimmt Sie mit auf eine Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der digitalen Elektronik. Nach dem Aufbau einer soliden Wissensbasis hierüber verlagert sich der Schwerpunkt zur programmierbaren Logik. Wie lassen sich mit vorhandenen Bausteinen logische Systeme aufbauen und wie koppelt man sie sicher und störungsfrei an die analoge Außenwelt? Das sind...more

ISBN 978-0-905705-98-9: Mastering the I2C bus

Authors: Vincent Himpe

Mastering the I²C Bus takes you on an exploratory journey of the I²C Bus and its applications. Besides the Bus protocol plenty of attention is given to the practical applications and designing a solid system. The most common I²C compatible chip classes are covered in detail.
Two experimentation boards are available that allow for rapid prototype development. These boards are completed by...more

ISBN 978-3-89576-178-2: Visual Basic für Elektroniksteuerungen und Entwicklung

Authors: Vincent Himpe

Der PC wird schon lange nicht mehr nur als einfacher Computer verwendet, sondern hat sich zu einem Universalwerkzeug entwickelt. Dieses Buch richtet sich an diejenigen, die vorhandene oder selbstgebaute Hardware über den Computer steuern wollen.

Der Einsatz von Visual Basic für die schnelle Entwicklung von Elektronikapplikationen öffnet Ihnen eine Welt, die über die Anschlüsse des PCs...more

ISBN 978-0-905705-68-2: Visual Basic for Electronics Engineering Applications

Authors: Vincent Himpe

The PC has longtime outgrown its function as a pure computer and has become an all-purpose machine. This book is targeted towards those people that want to control existing or self-built hardware from their computer.

Using Visual Basic as Rapid Application Development tool we will take you on a journey to unlock the world beyond the connectors of the PC.

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