Model 200 Oscillator


William Hewlett and David Packard graduate from Stanford University and decided to start their own test equipment company. Spurred on by a grant from Frederic Terman, professor at Stanford University, they set up shop in one of their parent’s garage in Palo Alto.

The first successful product was an audio oscillator that was used by Disney studios to produce audio for the movie Fantasia.

HP quickly went on to develop a wide range of test equipments. The emerging microcomputer industry proved a new stomping ground for the corporation, which quickly developed scientific computers to control test equipment and crunch numbers. After the acquisition of Apollo and Compaq


In 1999 the company decided to focus on computer and peripheral systems and spin off its test and measurement and semiconductor division as Agilent technologies.


The original garage and house at 367 Addison Ave, Palo Alto is a state protected monument. It was bought by the Hewlett-Packard Corporation and restored to its former look in 2005.

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