Aborting the Bus

Is it okay to abort an on-going transmission any time.

According to the specification, this should work. It depends on the layout of the component. A real I2C compatible IC will be able to handle this. It might make sense to test this before you use it.

Usually, when a START or STOP condition is detected, the internal logic of the chip is forced into a certain state. Internally, the logic that detects START and STOP is different from the logic that does all other processing. The START together with the address register is to be considered as a functional unit inside the chip.

When a START is detected, all internal operations are cancelled and the chip will compare the incoming data with its own address.

When a STOP is detected, ALL chips on the bus will reset their internal logic to IDLE mode except for the START detector (this is also used to cut power consumption). Therefore, when a start condition is issued on the bus, the START detector will 'wake-up' the rest of the internal logic.

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