As any electronics geek that is serious about his hobby, i have my own ‘home lab’. most of the stuff was bought for cheap in a broken state. stuff either gets torn down for parts or, if they are useful, restored to working order. Over the years i have amassed a serious collection of test equipment, and the collection is recycled ever so often when newer generations equipment come in and older equipment goes out the door.

This is a collection of repairs / teardowns of equiment i own or have owned and or repaired. The visual aspect aside it may serve a purpose as guide should you endeavour to repair your own stuff.

Keithley 619 Electrometer

I picked this thing up for cheap on ebay market as defective. It was stuck in its boot cycle. Before we delve in: some explanation

What’s an electrometer?

In short a voltmeter with an extremely high input impedance, so high it is almost unmeasurable. …

Agilent 34970A Multiplexer

HP 54006 A High frequency probe

IMG 4012

i picked this up at the local swapmeet from a scrap dealer. He said the probe was missing and it was only the box with some accessories. He wanted 20$ but i bid it down to 10$.

Well, the probe is NOT missing. …

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