HP 54006 A High frequency probe

i picked this up at the local swapmeet from a scrap dealer. He said the probe was missing and it was only the box with some accessories. He wanted 20$ but i bid it down to 10$.

Well, the probe is NOT missing. They are, in fact, BOTH there !

54006A probe kit

The 54006A is a kit containing two high frequency passive probes running up to 6GHz. There is a 1:10 and a 1:20 head with a tip capacitance as low as 250 femto farad. The kit also contains an SMA-BNC adapter and a DC blocking capacitor

IMG 4013

Blocking capacitor and one of the probe tips.

THe probe tip is a short stubby part that contains a series resistor. This resistor combined with the scope’s 50 ohm input impedance makes the voltage divider. the 1:10 probe uses a 450 ohm series resistor while the 1:20 probe uses a 950 ohm resistor. 

IMG 4019

the kit contains a bag with spare resistors for each tip. needless to say that these are not your run off the mill resistors. These are low inductance high voltage resistors made by Caddock, a well known specialty resistance maker.

All in all a real deal 10$ for a probe that new (it is still being made and sold) costs well over 3000$ ...

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